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Flavia The Heretic (1974)

Flavia The Heretic (1974)
Italian | Subtitle: None | 1:41:02 | 800 x 600 | PAL (25fps) | FMP4 | MP3 128kbps | 656 MB
Genre: Drama, Horror
She launched a river of blood.


Director: Gianfranco Mingozzi
Cast: Florinda Bolkan, María Casares, Claudio Cassinelli, Anthony Higgins
Certification: France:-16 | UK:18 | USA:R | West Germany:18 (JK/SPIO) | Germany:BPjM Restricted

Synopsis (From IMDB):
It is set in 15th Century Italy, at the time of the martyrdom of 800 Christians at Otranto. The battle between the Muslims and the Christians takes up a good part of the film. It was interesting when everyone was running from the Muslim hoards, that the mother superior would ask, "Why do you fear the Muslims,; they will not do anything that the Christians have done to you?" Certainly, there was enough torture on both sides.

Sister Flavia (Florinda Bolkan) is sent to a convent for defying her father. In the process, she witnesses and endures many things: the gelding of a stallion, the rape of a local woman by a new Duke, the torture of a nun who was overcome during a visit by the Tarantula Sect, and a whipping herself when she ran off with a Jew. The torture was particularly gruesome with hot wax being poured on the nun, and her nipples cut off.

Sister Flavia is bound to continue to get into trouble as she questions the male-dominated society in which she lives. She even asks Jesus, why the father, son and holy ghost are all men.

Eventually, she joins the leader of the Muslims as his lover and they sack the convent. Here is where you see more flesh than you can possible enjoy at one time. But, tragedy is to come. She manages to exact sweet revenge on all, including the Duke and her father, but finds that the Muslim lover treats her exactly the same. She is a woman and that is all there is to it.



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